Powerful and generous, fruity and elegant
These are the wines of Piceno, south of the Marche.
A region full of peculiar landscapes and flavours.

Tenute Messieri Wines

The Piceno Region, south of the Marche, produces expectional wines. Since ancient times and praised by Pliny the Elder in his monumental “Naturalis Historia” as ‘generous’ wines and by Andrea Bacci, in 1596, as “powerful” the Piceno grapes have remained consistently reflective of the terroir and quality of this land. Our “Tenute Messieri” wines perfectly mirror the regionality of Piceno, situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, and the passion of our winery.


Ripatransone, the viewpoint of Piceno, is an ancient village surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, Mediterranean countryside and Italian badlands. There is an amazing view from the Ascensione Mountain to the Sibillini Mountains and, looking south there is Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. With its cathedrals, churches and palaces there is evidence of its past as a fortress although it has been a free municipality since 1205. Of particular note, the medieval historical centre has the narrowest alley in Italy; 43 centimeters wide at the entrance and narrowing in the middle just to 38 centimeters.


On top of a steep ravine, The Santa Maria della Rocca Church is a breathtaking sight. It was built in 1330 in Romanesque-Gothic style and is one of the most important architectural features in the Marche region. Offida is also known for its refined bobbin lace tradition, to which its inhabitants have devoted a museum. It is a land of food traditions; the anise cookies “funghetti di Offida”are renowned. Rich in folklore and tradition at Carnival time the young and the old participate in adaptations of “Lu Bov fint” and “li Vlurd”..